Ultrasonic Transducer

The ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy (sound energy), usually made of piezoelectric ceramic or other magnetostrictive material, common ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic nebulizer, B-ultrasound, etc. It is an application example of an ultrasonic transducer.

Medical ultrasonic transducer (ultrasound probes) is an important part of the medical ultrasound instrument system, which possesses a considerable position in the development and medical research of new medical instruments. In the ultrasonic diagnosis, ultrasonic waves must be transmitted to the human body and then reflect the reflection echo of the human tissue structure information. The transformation of the information conversion is the medical ultrasonic transducer, which is completed by a electrical-acoustic and acoustic-electrical conversion, and the performance of the ultrasonic transducer is directly related to the performance of medical ultrasound equipment.

Ultrasonic Transducer Features and Application
1. Imported SUS 304 and SUS316L optional
2. Hard chrome plated surface
3. Special gluing process which can ensure highly coupled between ultrasonic transducer and SUS plate
4. High quality ultrasonic transducer, stable performance and high output efficiency
5. Optimized ultrasonic vibration and sound field
6. Single frequency 28kHz, 40kHz, 68kHz, 80kHz and 130kHz, other frequencies can be customized
7. Dual-frequency 28/68kHz, 40/80kHz, 80/130kHz and 40/130kHz

Precautions when using ultrasonic transducers:
1. Before the connection probe is turned off in the case of the power off, it must first cut off the host power supply to avoid powerful current, burning the inside of the probe due to the multiple instantaneous turning on the current. Or chip.
2. The probe is strictly forbidden and falls in the process of use.
3. In order to keep dry and clean, put it in the protective case when the probe is not used.
4. After the probe is used, it must be cleaned. The surface of the probe can be cleaned with a soft cloth, and it is easy to scrubbide, which is easily damaged by the probe.
5. Avoid using a strong electromagnetic field to prevent image display from interference.
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