Ultrasonic Plate Transducer

The ultrasonic panel transducers are mounted over an aperture cut in the tank wall and the radiating surface is in direct contact with the cleaning medium. Ultrasonic Plate Transducers are fitted to the outside of containers with welded or press-on mounting frames, thus saving space. Integrated Plate transducers do not require space within the cleaning tank.

Ultrasonic panel transducers are widely used. According to the applied industries, they are divided into industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical treatment and military. According to the realized functions, it is divided into ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, detection, monitoring, telemetry, remote control, etc.; according to the working environment, it is divided into liquid, gas, biological body, etc.; according to the nature, it is divided into power ultrasonic, detection ultrasonic, ultrasonic imaging, etc. 
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