Ultrasonic Immersion Transducer

Ultrasonic immersion transducers are robust and efficient in design, have directional radiation capability, and are equipped with a variety of options for customers to choose from.

In most cases, this ultrasonic immersion transducer is suitable for installation in a large cleaning tank, equipped with higher power, and can be easily upgraded without major changes to the system. It is suitable for loading on the bottom or side of the cleaning tank.

Ultrasonic immersion transducers are especially suitable for cleaning in water-based cleaning, degreasing cleaning, electroplating industry, medical industry, mold cleaning, optical industry, electronics and other industries.

Due to the application of single frequency and dual frequency technology, the ultrasonic immersion transducer is suitable for both initial cleaning and final cleaning. The unique ultrasonic transducer technology ensures the best cleaning effect in the shortest cleaning time.
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