Ultrasonic Generator

The ultrasonic generator also known as ultrasonic ultrasonic fluctuation resistance, electrical box, ultrasonic ultrasonic, is an important part of the mass ultrasound system. Ultrasonic entry and exporter effect is a high-level electrical conductive telecommunication, sports transmitter working with power members and exchange instruments. High-power ultrasonic motor considers the electrical form of switching resistance from the conversion efficiency surface. The ultrasonic battery is self-sufficient, and the self-proclaim resistance is ultrasonic resistance, and its resistor is an ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic Generator Features and Application
1. IGBT full bridge phase shit technology
2. 10-100% power adjustable linearly
3. Constant power output for different working conditions
4. Auto Frequency Tracking
5. 2 times peak power technology which has better cleaning effect to stubborn stains
6. Frequency sweep function which can effectively eliminate stand wave and improve ultrasonic performance
7. Conversion efficiency up to 95%
8. Industrial level LCD display supporting parameters setting and status monitoring
9. Internal protection for over current, over voltage and short circuit
10. Remote control, connectable to PLC and HMI etc
11. Support RS485 MODBUS RTU communication

12. Can be integrated into 19'' standard cabinet

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