Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner is also known as ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the industry is usually called ultrasonic cleaning machine. Small smaller ultrasonic cleaning machine, the north is biased to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the south is biased to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, strictly, ultrasonic cleaning machine The ultrasonic cleaner is inherently different, but it is only a different method.

The ultrasonic cleaner cleaning is used as the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, and it can achieve a comprehensive clean cleaning effect of the object, especially for deep holes, blind holes, and grooves are most ideal, and does not affect the material and accuracy of any object. At the same time, in the experiment of biochemistry, physics, chemistry, medicine, research and colleges, extraction, degassing, mixing, and cells.

Ultrasonic cleaner instruments are widely used in electronic devices, semiconductor wafers, circuit boards, plating parts, optical lenses, audio heads, polyester filter, chemical fiber springs, spinnerets, printer inkjet heads, latex molds, magnetic materials, medical Equipment, surgical instruments, glassware, photographic instruments, communication equipment, fire masks, stainless steel products, gold and silver jewelry, watch parts, glasses parts, sewing machine parts, precision machinery parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, hardware tools, teeits, Bearings, shaft tiles, oil pumps, chemical oil, injectors, cylinder heads, cylinder heads, cylinders, locomotive parts cleaning, removal, rust, and carbon and surface treatment, especially deep hole, blind hole The cleaning of the concave bump is the most ideal equipment.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaners are as follows:
(1) The cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning effect is good, the cleaning is high, the workpiece is consistent, and the surface of the workpiece is not damaged.
(2) Do not need to touch the cleaning liquid, safe and reliable, clean, and clean.
(3) Solvent solvent, thermal energy, workplace and artificial.
The cleaning accuracy is high, and the slight stain particles can be cleaned.
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