How does Ultrasonic Transducer cleaning machine decontaminate?

- 2022-06-25-

Glasses, jewelry, jewelry, rings, bracelets, these products are often used in daily life, and there are many stains, sweat, impurities and other dirt accumulated in the slits, and these objects cannot be cleaned manually at all.

How does Ultrasonic Transducer decontaminate? Have you ever heard of Ultrasonic Transducer? The main function of Ultrasonic Transducer is ultrasonic cleaning. It uses the principle of cavitation to peel off the dirt attached to the surface of the cleaning object. If chemical reagents are added or the temperature is increased, the speed of ultrasonic cleaning will be accelerated or the effect of ultrasonic cleaning will be improved.

How does Ultrasonic Transducer decontaminate

Manual cleaning of dirt is slow, unclean, time-consuming and labor-intensive, while machine cleaning dirt is fast and very clean.

Ultrasonic Transducer is divided according to the number of tanks, single tank, single tank with filter, double tank, double tank with filter, three tank, four tank, five tank, six tank, multi tank; according to heating, heating ultrasonic cleaning machine, The ultrasonic cleaning machine is not heated; according to the keys, there are mechanical key ultrasonic cleaning machines and CNC key ultrasonic cleaning machines.