What kind of water does the ultrasonic cleaner use

- 2022-01-06-

In our daily lives, many buildings use cleaning machines of different specifications. So, I don’t know if you have heard of a cleaning machine. It is called an ultrasonic cleaning machine. What kind of water does the ultrasonic cleaning machine use? Today, I will talk to you about this issue, and interested friends can come to understand it together.
1. What kind of water is used for ultrasonic cleaner
1. Ultrasound must use clean water, but in addition to clean water, ultrasound also needs to add solvent-based cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents, which depends on the items we clean.
2. Solvent cleaning agent, a common cleaning agent in ultrasonic, it is mainly used to clean some oil stains on the machine.
3. Solvent cleaning agents are said to be prone to occupational diseases after long-term use, because they contain some substances that are not good for the human body and have certain effects on the human body. Therefore, when we buy, it is best to buy ultrasonic cleaners with good reputation and good reputation, and ultrasonic washing machine cleaners with good reputation are more environmentally friendly so far.
4. Ultrasonic cleaners use water-based cleaners, which can clean small parts as well as large mechanical equipment. Most importantly, washing equipment with ultrasonic cleaning machines can reduce the economic pressure after cleaning.
5. Nowadays, this equipment is used in many places, but when we use this cleaning equipment, we must be clear about the specific operation method, because the cleaning method is not well understood, it is likely to cause the cleaning when using this equipment in the future. The effects of the items coming out are lacking.

The above is a summary of the relevant content and information about what water is used for ultrasonic cleaners, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone.