The definition of the ultrasonic generator

- 2021-11-22-

With the development of modern electronic technology, especially microprocessor (up) and signal processor (DSP), the function of ultrasonic generator is becoming more and more powerful. However, no matter how it changes, its core function should be the content described below, but the technology of each part is different. The ultrasonic generator generates a signal with a specific frequency, which can be sinusoidal signal or pulse signal. This specific frequency is the frequency of ultrasonic transducer. Generally, the ultrasonic frequencies used in ultrasonic equipment are 25kHz, 28kHz, 35kHz and 40KHz; 100KHz

It is believed that the application area will gradually expand´╝łultrasonic generator). The relatively perfect ultrasonic generator should also have a feedback link, which mainly provides feedback signals in two aspects:

The first is to provide the output power signal(ultrasonic generator). We know that when the power supply (voltage) of the ultrasonic generator changes, the output power of the ultrasonic generator will also change. At this time, the mechanical vibration is reflected on the ultrasonic transducer, resulting in unstable cleaning effect. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize the output power, The power amplifier is adjusted accordingly through the power feedback signal to make the power amplifier stable.

The second is to provide frequency tracking signal(ultrasonic generator). When the ultrasonic transducer works at the resonant frequency point, its efficiency is the highest and its work is the most stable. However, the resonant frequency point of the ultrasonic transducer will change due to assembly reasons and work aging. Of course, the changed frequency is only drift and the change is not great. The frequency tracking signal can control the signal ultrasonic generator, Make the frequency of the signal ultrasonic generator track the resonant frequency point of the ultrasonic transducer within a certain range, and make the ultrasonic generator work in the best state.