Installation Steps of Ultrasonic Transducer

- 2021-06-23-

Installation of ultrasonic transducer
1. Prepare all the ultrasonic vibrators to be installed, as well as the special glue, power cord, ultrasonic cleaner and other objects that need to be used for bonding.
2. When the ultrasonic transducer is installed, the part of the ultrasonic vibrator must be sandblasted to make the surface of the stainless steel plate feel rough, to ensure that the ultrasonic vibrator and the surface of the steel plate can be tightly bonded, and the side of the ultrasonic vibrator in contact with the steel plate must also be sandblasted deal with.
3. After the sandblasting of the surface of the stainless steel plate and the ultrasonic vibrator is completed, the sand and dust on the surface of the ultrasonic vibrator can be wiped clean with a wood alcohol solution, and then rinsed with Asiton solution.
4. The cleaned ultrasonic vibrator, stainless steel plate, steel wire mesh, and rubber pad should be dried with hot air. When the surface temperature of all objects drops to normal temperature, the next bonding work can be carried out.

5. Use Asiton solution to wipe the surface of the stainless steel plate dry.

Ultrasonic Transducer