Advantages of Using Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

- 2021-06-23-

The Ultrasonic Cleaner can also clean deep holes, crevices and hidden parts of the workpiece when in use, without damaging the surface of the workpiece, saving solvent, heat, working space and labor. Cleaning effect and high cleanliness, cleanliness consistent all the artifacts, cleaning speed of the entire apparatus, not to be in contact with the washing liquid hand, to some extent very safe and reliable.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaner

1. Improve cleanliness, avoid or reduce failures caused by pollution, so as to ensure the high performance, high reliability and long life of hydraulic system equipment.

2. Used to flush and filter the pollutants generated or invaded during the manufacturing, assembly, use process and maintenance of the hydraulic system

3. Using the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, it is not affected by the shape of the product, and the cleaning is efficient, clean and without dead ends.

4. Reduce cleaning costs. Connecting the ultrasonic cleaning machine to the tempering furnace production line can completely reduce the time and labor input for cleaning the glass, and avoid the phenomenon of manual leakage or incomplete cleaning.

5. Ultrasonic cleaning home is air-dried, and there is no contact and re-contamination of mechanical parts.