Working range of ultrasonic cleaner

- 2021-06-18-

The discovery of ultrasound and its application in life have greatly changed our lives. Ultrasound is a kind of mechanical wave, which is higher in vibration frequency than sound wave. Because of its wide range of application, it is unanimously sought after by people, and it is applied to all aspects of life. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of medicine, national defense, and biology. Here we talk about the ultrasonic cleaners that are closely related to our lives.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a high-tech product that has only been available in recent years. Its main principle is based on the fact that ultrasonic waves can propagate in water and thus be applied to the cleaning industry. The characteristics of propagation in the water greatly increase the vibration frequency of the cleaning machine. Ultrasonic waves can burst bubbles in the water and release a large amount of energy to achieve the cleaning effect. For the objects to be cleaned, the objects can reach a clean level and comprehensive Cleaning, especially for objects that are difficult to clean, has a good cleaning effect, and it does not affect the physical and chemical properties of the objects.