How to choose the frequency of ultrasonic cleaner

- 2021-06-11-

We must correctly face the frequency selection of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning. The frequency of the process parameters of the ultrasonic cleaning machine plays a decisive role. The editor of the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment said that because it has a direct effect on cavitation. Ultrasonic cleaning machine, the lower the frequency, the stronger the ultrasonic cavitation, the cleaning effect is also ideal but noisy. It is usually used for cavitation at this time, and the cleaning effect of an ultrasonic cleaner with a frequency of 20 kHz is also better.
The attenuation of the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration in the cleaning fluid will also affect the price of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The high-frequency cleaning equipment has a short distance and the effect of the cavitation intensity is weak. Therefore, the cleaning efficiency is also low.
Ultrasound is a kind of mechanical wave, the vibration frequency is higher than that of sonic vibration. The excitation voltage is generated by the transducer chip. It has a high frequency, short wavelength, diffraction phenomenon, especially good directivity, and it may become the characteristic of ray propagation. . The ability of ultrasonic to penetrate liquids and solids, especially in sunlight opaque solids, it can penetrate to a depth of tens of meters.