Selection of Cleaning Fluid or Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

- 2021-06-07-

1. When using an ultrasonic cleaner machine, the material composition, structure and quantity of the parts to be washed must be clarified.

2. Analyze and clarify the dirt to be removed.

3. Decide on the cleaning method to be used, determine whether to use an aqueous cleaning solution or a solvent, and finally need to do a cleaning experiment.

4. When choosing the most effective cleaning solvent, be sure to experiment.

5. The liquid used should be safe, non-toxic, simple to operate and long in service life;

6. Factors such as solvent cleaning efficiency, safety, and how many parts can be cleaned by a certain amount of solvent with the highest utilization rate must be taken into consideration during use.

7. The selected cleaning solvent must achieve the cleaning effect and should be compatible with the material being cleaned.

ultrasonic cleaner machine