Advantages of Hospital Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

- 2021-06-07-

1. Many medical devices have the characteristics of uneven surfaces and small blind holes. They cannot be cleaned even with steam cleaning and high-pressure water jets. The cavitation effect of the hospital ultrasonic cleaning machine can accelerate the dissolution of the surface film of the device, and the cleaning effect is better. thorough.

2. In the past, traditional cleaning of medical equipment usually required multiple enzyme soaking, manual scrubbing, and washing procedures, which was time-consuming and laborious, and manual operation was difficult to ensure the quality of equipment cleaning. It is very convenient to use a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, and it is very convenient to soak the equipment. After the enzyme cleaning solution, put it directly into the cleaning tank, put the cleaning agent, set the temperature and time to automatically clean, and the efficiency is quite high.

3. The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a non-polluting equipment. It will not produce electromagnetic radiation and other problems during the cleaning process. The cleaning process does not require manual contact to eliminate secondary pollution; for medical staff, it can also isolate the residue on the equipment. Bacteria and viruses protect the safety and health of medical staff.

hospital ultrasonic cleaning machine