Matters needing attention in routine maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning equipment

- 2021-04-28-

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment relies on the concept of green environmental protection, combined with the excellent content of physics, relying on the socialized function, acceleration function and direct inflow function of ultrasonic in liquid, to achieve high-precision cleaning requirements. Therefore, compared with the traditional cleaning methods, the ultrasonic cleaning equipment with guaranteed reputation stands out with its unique advantages, becoming the most widely used and widely used in recent years One of the most highly praised cleaning equipment categories, and in the specific use of small and medium-sized have to mention how to do a good job in the maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, because only on the basis of good maintenance can we ensure the stable development of the efficacy of a complete range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

1、 Pay attention to the regular cleaning of the bottom of the cleaning cylinder

As an important part of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the cleaning cylinder plays the role of carrying the cleaning materials. Therefore, in order to better achieve the cleaning goal of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment and avoid the external influence, it is very important to clean the bottom of the cleaning cylinder regularly and avoid the precipitation of impurities and dirt, It is a necessary condition to ensure the high precision of cleaning target.

2、 We should pay attention to the proper solution of common problems

It is undeniable that during the use of high stability ultrasonic cleaning equipment, due to one reason or another, the ultrasonic vibrator is often damaged. However, in general, as long as reasonable maintenance is carried out, the vibrator can be restored in time, especially for the common problems such as damp, broken ceramic materials, degumming and so on, only maintenance skills are needed, It's easy to solve the problem. Therefore, in the specific application process of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, it is essential to master the basic content of vibrator maintenance.

3、 Pay attention to the implementation of regular maintenance work

Regular maintenance can play a very positive role in delaying the service life of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Therefore, in the specific use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, regular maintenance must be carried out according to the requirements of equipment use standards. Relying on the comprehensive maintenance of the system, the excellent cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be maximized.