Precautions and maintenance of ultrasonic cleaner

- 2021-04-27-

The standard power cord of the ultrasonic cleaner is European plug. It is recommended to connect the power to the Chinese three pin socket of 220 V / 50 Hz with the change-over plug, or directly replace it with a three core power cord, so as to avoid personal injury caused by ungrounded power supply

It is forbidden to start the ultrasonic cleaning equipment when there is no liquid in the tank

For cleaning equipment with heating function, it is forbidden to turn on the heating switch when there is no liquid in the tank

When the temperature of the cleaning tank is normal temperature, do not directly inject high temperature liquid into the tank, so as to avoid loosening the transducer and affecting the normal use of the machine

The cleaning liquid level in the tank shall not be lower than 1 / 3 of the tank depth and shall not be higher than the maximum water level

It is forbidden to use strong acid, strong alkali, inflammable, explosive and volatile solvents directly in the ultrasonic cleaner. Corrosion resistant plastic bucket can be used to hold strong acidic or alkaline cleaning agents

It is forbidden to strike the bottom of the cleaning tank with heavy objects (iron parts) to avoid damage to the transducer chip

The objects to be cleaned should be cleaned in the cleaning basket, not directly at the bottom of the cleaning tank, so as not to affect the cleaning effect

When changing liquid or discharging liquid, the cleaning liquid should be discharged through the liquid outlet, and it is forbidden to pour directly, so as to avoid liquid entering into the equipment and damaging the internal circuit

During the operation of the instrument, please do not turn on the high-power equipment nearby, so as to avoid the sudden stop of the high-power machine and the burning of the ultrasonic cleaning machine due to the high voltage. If the user's voltage is unstable, it must be equipped with a regulated power supply with sufficient capacity( P series only)

Avoid long-time continuous work, generally not more than 30 minutes, use frequency should not be too high